Our material construction consists of various configurations of “surface wires” and “support rods”.  These elements are bonded together using “Resistance Welding”, which is a thermo-electric process in which heat, electricity and pressure is applied to weld the wires and rods together, rather than introduce a third material to bond the members.  This produces a much stronger and cleaner connection.

We utilize our precisely formed, patented Vee-Wire® surface wires combined with shaped, strip or round support rods for our designs.  These configurations, including spacing and finishes, are all customized to the application requirements of the project.  Much the same way leather is configured to a particular application, our material designs are equally flexible.

A looped-wire construction is another available design, whereby we loop the wire around the rods in contrast to resistance welding. Cable screen construction provides the look of our standard construction screens, but allows for flexibility and curvability.

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