Fiesta Paseo

Fiesta Paseo

The City of Mesa, AZ commissioned five micro parks – also known as paseo nodes -that were part of a streetscape improvement project in the Fiesta District designed to create a uniquely identifiable area that is economically vibrant, pedestrian friendly and an active urban destination. The parks included new sidewalks, landscaping, shade structures, lights and a water feature.

Fiesta Paseo

Nineteen vertical lights masts, along with canvas tent-like structures, are assembled in clusters along Southern Avenue.  Each cluster is illuminated with LED lights that rotate through a series of six different colors.

Project Specifications

Fiesta Paseo
  • Owner: City of Mesa
  • Client: City of Mesa
  • Location: Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Architect: J2 Engineering & Environmental Design
  • Application: Light masts
  • Material Construction: 130 Vee Wire
  • Scope: 19, 8’ tall, 11” diameter light masts with stainless steel Rings on top and bottom
  • Photos: ©Ed Taube

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