Next Gen Vee-Wire

Profile NG-160ND-121-73
Profile NG-160ND-121-77
Profile NG-160ND-70
Profile NG-160ND-73
Profile NG-5Star-121-73
Profile NG-5Star-121-77-TOP
Profile NG-5Star-121D-77
Profile NG-5Star-70-Top
Profile NG-5Star-73-Top

With newly developed proprietary manufacturing technology for stainless steel architectural screening, Johnson Architectural Elements can manufacture a screen with two different profile wires and slot sizes - all without compromising strength, precision and design.

Using this technology, Johnson Architectural Elements' engineers can collaborate with architects, builders and designers to provide stainless steel features that can be used as structural elements that create limitless functionality to enhance city landscapes and interior applications across the globe.


  • Landscape elements 
  • Furniture 
  • Grating
  • Lighting elements 
  • Interior applications
  • Ventilation grates 
  • Art and sculptures 
  • Vertical columns 
  • Exterior facades 
  • Custom applications
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