Screen Shapes

Johnson Architectural Elements can configure our material into different shapes to create a unique effect or deliver a specific functional or aesthetic requirement.

Flat Panels: material is manufactured on a unique machine which minimizes the appearance of weld burns. The flat panel manufacturing machine is utilized for larger wire and rod sizes. The average maximum size of a single-screen panel is about 2.4 × 2.4 m. / 8 × 8 ft.

Cylinder Screens: much of what we fabricate is made in the round, even if it becomes a flat panel.  Resistance welding is utilized in a continuous motion, eliminating welding marks and allowing for one smooth line. Diameters range from 19 mm / 0.75 in. to 914 mm / 36 in. Lengths of cylinder screens can go up to 6 m / 20 ft. in one continuous weld.

Other Screen Shapes: Concave, convex, oval, radius, variable wire spacing, and special pattern cuts – all are possible designs that can be incorporated into the end material.

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