Prismatic Marker

Prismatic Marker

Designed by James Carpenter Design Associates as a stunning, illuminated visual marker of the Yards Park within The Yards mixed-use development, the 60 foot beacon is placed prominently at the edge of the water on the boardwalk. The light tower is intended to be a central gathering place for visitors to the park and a reference point for the development as seen from the Potomac River.

Prismatic Marker

The Yards Park is a waterfront recreation area, boardwalk, and outdoor performance space at the center of The Yards development. 

Project Specifications

Prismatic Marker
  • Owner: Capitol Riverfront BID
  • Client: Forest City Washington
  • Location: Washington, DC, USA
  • Landscape Architect: M. Paul Friedberg
  • Artist: ©James Carpenter Design Associates
  • Application: Light tower
  • Material Construction: 500 Tri Wire
  • Scope: 60 foot, 3-sided vertical light tower, LED illuminated

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