Midway Crossing - University of Chicago

Midway Crossing - University of Chicago

Designed by James Carpenter Design Associates, the mile-long eighty acre Midway Plaisance Park divides the University of Chicago into north and south campuses, resulting in a sense of separation between the two. The Midway Crossings establish a more coherent and engaging connection between the two areas of the campus by marking the three main cross-Midway streets that now serve as the student vehicular and pedestrian links.


Midway Crossing - University of Chicago

The 16 stainless steel light masts at each Illuminated Bridge establish a strong presence of the sky during the day, while at night internal illumination provides pedestrian lighting and signals safe passage across the park to those near and far.

Project Specifications

Midway Crossing - University of Chicago
  • Owner: University of Chicago

  • Client: University of Chicago
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Lighting Designer: © James Carpenter Design Associates
  • Architect: Bauer Latoza
  • Application: Vertical light masts
  • Material Construction: 93 Vee-Wire, solid stainless steel bases
  • Scope: 32, 40-foot tall stainless steel light masts and bases
  • Photos: © Tom Rossiter

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